Our Grills and Smokers

In addition to grills and smokers, Julie’s Grills offers a variety of different charcoals, wood chips, grilling utensils, and more. Our accessory packages are designed to fit your grilling, smoking, and barbecue style. Our barbecue experts are here to help you put together the right package for your needs, so give us a call and let us help you make your grilling season the best ever.

The “Perfect Match” BBQ*

This charcoal grill is perfect for patio grilling and will fit perfectly in your outdoor oasis.


15-20 Burgers
7-9 Steaks
4-5 Whole Chickens


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The “Happy Medium” BBQ*

Need a charcoal grill for your special event? This grill is the answer. It is large enough to handle most events.


25-30 Burgers
12-15 Steaks
5-8 Whole Chickens


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The “Go Big”

This charcoal grill is for serious grilling and smoking action. We recommend it for your large outdoor events.


45-55 Burgers
25-30 Steaks
20-25 Whole Chickens


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*Pictured grills/smokers are for illustrative purposes only. The style/brand of grill or smoker may vary depending on availability.



Briquettes ($7.35/4lbs)

Lump ($41.95/35lbs)

All Natural ($8.40/16lbs)

Wood Chips

Apple ($7.35/350 cu. In.)

Cherry ($7.35/350 cu. In.)

Pecan ($7.35/350 cu. In.)

Mesquite ($7.35/350 cu. In.)

Hickory ($7.35/350 cu. In.)

Grilling Utensils

Basic Set ($15.00)

Premium Set ($25.00)

Pit Master Set ($32.00)

Organic Fire Starters ($5.25)

Butcher paper ($5.00/6 sq. ft.)

*Supplies may vary, Please inquire about availability when scheduling services or renting equipment.

Julie’s Grills provides a wide variety of grill rental, delivery, and pick-up services. Click on the button below to check out our rental agreement. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Our Grill Subscription Service

Julie’s Grills is proud to offer a first-of-its-kind “Grill Subscription Service.” This service allows you to pay a flat, monthly fee to receive everything you need to grill all season long, including regular cleaning and maintenance. Check out our different subscription packages using the button below:

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