Three Years Strong: Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey with Passion, Persistence, and Purpose!

This marks the third year of my entrepreneurial journey, and reaching this milestone fills me with a sense of pride. Despite undergoing years of training and business education, the true depth of the highs and lows that come with being in complete control of both my business and destiny has become apparent only now. What resonates most profoundly with me is the realization that I possess the capability to guide my ideas and ambitions in the direction of my choosing.


With each passing year, I not only emerge as a career woman but also as the owner of a business I’ve built from the ground up. There were no pre-written SOPs or business models; it’s been a journey of figuring things out day by day. This isn’t to say that I don’t have areas to improve upon; 2024 presents itself as the most challenging year of my journey so far. However, I face it with the wind at my back and a stronger-than-ever determination to persevere in this business and others.

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