Rent Our Charcoal BBQ Grill for Your Next Party or Event!

If you do not use a charcoal grill or smoker frequently you should consider saving on the cost of purchase and maintenance by renting a BBQ grill or smoker from Julie’s Grills to Go for a day or weekend. We deliver the highest quality BBQ grills, smokers and equipment on the market for a fraction of the cost of owning a grill or smoker.


BBQ Grill & Smokers Likely Purchase Cost Cost to Rent from Julie’s Grills to Go, Includes Delivery and Pick-up
Meadow Creek PR 42“Grill and Smoker

(Julie’s Go Big Package)

$1880.00* $120.00
PK 360 Grill and Smoker

(Julie’s Happy Medium Package)

$999.99** $95.00
PK300 Grill and Smoker

(Julie’s Perfect Match Package)

$799.99** $85.00

*Retail price

**Retail price sourced

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