How We Got Started

Catching the inspiration to take outdoor grilling to the next level, Julie’s Grills To Go, solves the problem of needing a high-quality event grill or smoker where and when you need it. I took a chance in 2021 by launching my premier grill rental and delivery service. I wanted to build a legacy of entrepreneurship for my family. The motivation behind my business idea was the beginning of a grill and smoker rental service that offers some of the highest quality, most sought after grills and smokers in the industry.


What differentiates my rental service is its surprisingly easy process. Julie’s delivers that perfect grill or smoker on location, prepped and ready for use. After your event, we take the grill or smoker away no pickup cleaning or drop off required by you. It’s truly a hassle-free way to enjoy outdoor grilling. Friendly advice and other grilling essential are also available upon request.  Outdoor grilling is at its best when you rent your grill or BBQ smoker from Julie’s Grills to Go.

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