Grill & BBQ Smoker Rental Basics

Renting a grill or BBQ smoker is super easy. Here are a few items you should consider when planning your next event or special occasion.

Grill vs BBQ Smoker?

Charcoal Grills are designed to cook food by direct heat and are perfect for searing meats. Typical sources of heat for a grill include lump charcoal or charcoal briquettes.   If you are looking for a consistent burn that lasts several hours than the more popular charcoal briquettes would be a very good option. Charcoal briquettes are readily available in superstores and hardware stores and come in varieties that can add hints of smokiness or more flavor to your food. Lump charcoal is growing in its popularity among grill masters and generally will burn hotter and cleaner than briquettes.

BBQ Smokers are designed for low and slow cooking using indirect heat. The typical sources of heat when smoking food include both charcoal and heat-treated hardwoods.  Often grill masters will mix both sources of heat at different stages of smoking, initially starting with charcoal to reach a desired temperature and then introducing wood chunks or logs to produce that all important smoke.  The advantages of using hardwoods when BBQ smoking includes the ability to influence the taste profile and degree of smokiness in the foods prepared.

What Size Grill or BBQ Smoker to Rent?

The best way to determine the size of grill or BBQ smoker for your event is to consider the number of people you will be hosting. If you tend to be a little on the cautious side, you can always decide on what size of grill or BBQ smoker would work given the number of guests anticipated, then rent the next largest size.

Does Grill and BBQ Smoker Quality Matter?

Yes, quality matters. Our grills and BBQ smokers are made of steel and cast iron. These high-quality grills and BBQ smokers are designed to provide optimal control of both temperature and air flow. Understanding and controlling the temperature of your grill or BBQ smoker is vital to achieving the best results. How to properly control temperature by regulating airflow is much easier than most people think, and we inform each of our customers on the basics of controlling the burn with every rental.

That’s all there is to it! What’s stopping you? Call us today and be the grill master you were meant to be.

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