Business Owner or Entrepreneur?

Would I check the box as a business owner or entrepreneur? After being in business for just over two years I would have to say I could check both.  My journey continues to be one of initiator, opportunist and owner. At Julie’s Grills To Go we have initiated a better way to entertain outdoors. The search of options to entertain in a cost effective and less formal manner continues to fuel the demand for our BBQ grill rental service for barbecuing, grilling and smoking. As a new business owner, it is my mission to deliver the highest quality charcoal BBQ grills and smokers in the industry for a fraction of the cost of ownership. I continue to innovate ways to make your BBQ grilling experience hassle-free.  So, whether you are planning an event of 20 or 100 people, or simply don’t want the hassle of maintaining and storing a grill or smoker we are optimistic that Julie’s Grills To Go will be the answer for you.

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