Julie’s Grills to Go at NC Festivals

We love to provide our grilling and BBQ smoking equipment at local festivals in North Carolina. Great times with fun people. Everyone loves a festival cookout! We take the hassle out of grilling and smoking at local events.


Summertime BBQ Grilling

Who doesn’t love a summer cookout with friends and family? Burgers, hot dogs, chicken, and beautiful veggies. It’s great fun to soak up the summer sunshine while grilling some of your favorite summer foods. Grilling is enjoyable memories in the making. What’s not so enjoyable about grilling is the high cost of purchasing, assembly, and the seasonal maintenance of it.

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Rent Our Charcoal BBQ Grill for Your Next Party or Event!

If you do not use a charcoal grill or smoker frequently you should consider saving on the cost of purchase and maintenance by renting a BBQ grill or smoker from Julie’s Grills to Go for a day or weekend. We deliver the highest quality BBQ grills, smokers and equipment on the market for a fraction of the cost of owning

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Happy Birthday to Julie’s Grills To Go

One year ago, we opened Julie’s Grills To Go, offering a convenient and hassle-free way to enjoy outdoor BBQ grilling by offering a grill rental service that delivers high-quality grills to your special event for a fraction of the cost of purchasing one. Once you are done with your grilling, we pick-up the grill taking it away. Customer service is

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