Do You Love Your Employees?

Why rent a grill for your employee appreciation event? Because it’s the ultimate way to show your team you care! At Julie’s Grills To Go, we make hosting a company BBQ simple and stress-free. With our delivery and setup service, you can focus on what’s important – showing your employees how much you appreciate them. And, let’s face it, grilling

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Whirlwind of Preparations? No Problem

Hosting a special occasion can be a whirlwind of preparations, leaving you with little time to enjoy the event. When you opt to rent a grill, you eliminate the stress of purchasing, assembling, and maintaining a new grill. Julie’s Grills To Go takes care of the logistics, ensuring the grill is delivered and set up at your preferred location. With

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BBQ Grilling with No Hassle, No Stress

There’s something magical about the tantalizing aroma of BBQ wafting through the air—the sizzle of juicy steaks, the smoky goodness of grilled vegetables, and the sound of laughter and joy shared among friends and family. BBQ gatherings bring people together like no other, making them the epitome of fun-filled occasions. If you’re considering hosting a special event, whether it’s a

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We’re here to make your outdoor gatherings sizzle!

Julie’s Grills To Go, is your ultimate grill rental and delivery service for the following reasons!  We’re here to make your outdoor gatherings sizzle with flavor and convenience. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue, a corporate event, or a neighborhood get-together, we’ve got you covered. Here’s why Julie’s Grills To Go is the perfect choice for your next event:   Premium

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We Offer Great Corporate Packages!

We truly appreciate our repeat clients at Julie’s Grills to Go, which is why we strive to make renting from us hassle-free every time.  It’s why we deep clean our grills and smokers before each rental and deliver our equipment fully prepped, ready to go.  Perhaps one of the best advantages of renting from us is that we pick up

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As A Business Owner I Am Fortunate

This marks the second season for Julie’s Grills to Go. One of the questions I am often asked is how the idea to create a business that rents and delivers BBQ grills, pig cookers and smokers came about. I wish I could say it entailed years of studying market trends and analyzing the process of other successful start-up businesses, or

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VoyageRaleigh – Featured Julie’s Grills To Go



How We Got Started

Catching the inspiration to take outdoor grilling to the next level, Julie’s Grills To Go, solves the problem of needing a high-quality event grill or smoker where and when you need it. I took a chance in 2021 by launching my premier grill rental and delivery service. I wanted to build a legacy of entrepreneurship for my family. The motivation

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Business Owner or Entrepreneur?

Would I check the box as a business owner or entrepreneur? After being in business for just over two years I would have to say I could check both.  My journey continues to be one of initiator, opportunist and owner. At Julie’s Grills To Go we have initiated a better way to entertain outdoors. The search of options to entertain

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Reimagine Employee Recognition – Host a Company BBQ

Are you looking for a great way to show your employees how much you appreciate them? For your next corporate event consider hosting a company BBQ and invite your employees,’ friends, and families. When you rent a grill or BBQ smoker from Julie’s Grills to Go for your corporate barbeque, you will be providing a perfect opportunity for all levels

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