About Julie’s Grills To Go

Julie’s Grills To Go offers a convenient, hassle-free way to enjoy outdoor grilling. Whether your need is for a special event, corporate function, weekend getaway, or family party, our mobile delivery service provides you with a clean, high-quality grill or smoker and all the accessories to fit your needs. 

Serving Raleigh, Apex, Cary, and the surrounding areas, Julie’s Grills To Go offers options ranging from casual outdoor grilling to pit master operations. We’ll deliver the grill or smoker of your choice, provide all charcoal, utensils, proteins, and safety equipment you need, or simply detail-clean the grill you own and get you set up for the season. 

We also offer unique subscription service packages for extended grill rentals. Any rental longer than a weekend comes with a weekly grill detailing service. And to keep things hassle-free, grill subscriptions can be canceled at any time with no charge. 

We pride ourselves on being professional, prompt, and easy to work with. 100% customer satisfaction is not our goal, it is our standard. Call or email our team of Grill Masters and let us know how Julie’s Grills To Go can help make your event or vacation a delicious and memorable experience.